Bloggers in Motion Contest Winners

January 17, 2012 | by Joseph Manna

After much review, I am proud to announce the two winners who will be live-blogging during InfusionCon 2012. These winners have shown us a great mix of creativity, attention to detail and overall would be a great fit to blog on behalf of Infusionsoft to inform others about the three-day user conference. Drum roll please … … …

Wes Schaeffer

Winning Entry: InfusionCon: Where Doers Go to Know and Grow

Pat Williams

Winning Entry: 2012 Goals, Automating Your Minutes & a Request

Congratulations to Wes and Pat! I know that our users will appreciate and enjoy their unique, useful and interesting views while on the ground at InfusionCon. They will be sharing up to the minute updates across our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. They will be busy helping to share the magic of InfusionCon with you!

This contest helped us discover the top bloggers among our users. I can tell you it was a tough to decide on only two winners only because everyone’s posts were so great. I want to take this moment to also thank everyone who took the time to enter the first blogging contest of its kind for the company. We'll share out highlights from the folks who entered this contest and share what they are looking forward to at InfusionCon!

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“Amazing week as always! Thank you to the incredible staff at #infusioncon for all that you do!”

- Cindy Clemens

“Great day at #Infusioncon. Took so many great things away from event! Now it is time to implement.”

- Stephanie Bouck

“It was an all-you-can-eat buffet of ultra-powerful training, individual Q&A with Infusionsoft staff, [and] networking with ... the best crowd of any event anywhere.”

- Micah Mitchell

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